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Volume 82, 1954-55
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General Symposia (Section F)


Climate and Agriculture (with Section L1)

Finkelstein. J. Evaporation in New Zealand.

Robertson, N. G. Soil temperatures in New Zealand.

Munster, R. J. The measurement of solar radiation in New Zealand.

Van't Woudt, B. D. Observations on water-table level and summer pasture production.

Mouat, H. M. Some effects of climate on fruit plants.

Atkinson, J. D. Frost in relation to fruit growing.

Closs, R. L. Evaporation and soil moisture.

Curry, L. Climate and pasture growth in New Zealand.


Greater Auckland and its problems (with Section K).

Jones, F. W. O. The problems of Greater Auckland.

McElroy, R. G. Urban sprawl.

Knight. C. R. Town planning within the urban fence.

Jobberns, G. The culture centre.


Impact of substitute foods and fibres on New Zealand's primary industries

See Section B.


Social Science Research in New Zealand (with Sections II and J)

Rutherford J. Methods of Research in the Social Sciences.

The following sectional papers were also read:—

Fox, J. W. Land use survey.

Kibblewhite. Miss M. B. Contrasting patterns of early settlement in Northland and Central Otago.

Pownall. L. L. The historical evolution of the urban hierarchy in New Zealand.

Wallace W. H. Some functional aspects of railways in Northland.