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Volume 82, 1954-55
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General Symposia (Section H)


Culture and Personality (with Section J).

Geddes, W. R. Personality and social structure.

Ritchie, J. E. Theoretical baselines in four folk communities.

Piddington, R. The study of culture and personality as an operational problem.


Impact of substitute foods and fibres on New Zealand's primary industries.

See Section B.


Leucotomy and Shock Treatment.

See Section G.


Social Science Research in New Zealand.

See Section F.

  • The following papers were also read:—

  • Airey, W. T. G. New Zealand external policy related to New Zealand social development and current world trends.

  • Donald, Mrs. M. N., Public opinion surveys in New Zealand.

  • Fitt, A. B. An experimental study of racial attitudes.

  • Rown, J. W. Education and economic efficiency.

  • Rutherford, J. Some aspects of the development of responsible government in New Zealand.