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Volume 82, 1954-55
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– 959 –

General Symposia (Sections Li And L2)

  • 1 Aims and values of soil analysis. See Section B.

  • 2 Climate and Agriculture. See Section F.

  • 3 Impact of substitute foods and fibres on New Zealand's primary industries See Section B.

  • 4.Legume Establishment. See Section C.

  • 5 Trace Elements See Section B.

Section Li

  • The following papers were also read:—

  • Hudson, A. W. Is sub-soiling of clay-pan soils desirable?

  • James, J. P. The role of artificial breeding in New Zealand dairying.

  • Salisbury, R. M. Infectious infertility of sheep and cattle in New Zealand.

  • White, J. V. The development of agriculture in New Zealand in relation to population.

Section L2

The following papers were also read:—

Henry, J. E. The development of native vegetation on pumice country and its relationship with exotic pine forests.

– 960 –
  • Johnston, H. W. The production of organic acids by Mycorrhizal fungi and the possible-importance of this phenomenon in phosphate metabolism of trees supporting a Mycorrhiza.

  • Jones, O. Growth of Pinus radiata in unthinned stands.

  • Kennedy, D. The role of forestry in the land use pattern on the West Coast.

  • Lancaster, Miss M. E. Some Basidiomycetes associated with Agathis australis.

  • Levy, J. W. and Sutherland, C. F. The soils problem in reforestation in Northland.

  • Lloyd, R. C. First steps to kauri management.

  • Morrison, F. T. Kauri nursery practice.

  • Rawlings, G. B. Epidemics in Pinus radiata forests in New Zealand.

  • Reid, J. S. Radiata pine timber, the user's viewpoint.

  • Thulin, I. J. Pinus radiata tree breeding in New Zealand.

  • Urr, J. Early silvicultural treatment of Pinus radiata regeneration.

  • Weston, G. C. and Vucetich, C. G. Growth of exotic forest trees on certain soils at Tairua. forest, Coromandel.

General Symposia (Section 1.3)


Aims and values of soil analysis. See Section B.


Biological Control. See Section D.


Insecticides. See Section B.


Trace Elements. See Section B.

The following papers were also read:

Greig, A. M. W. Horticultural research in relation to horticultural production and horticultural problems.

Jacks, H. Seed protection.

Little, E. C. S. Weed control developments.

Mouat, H. M. Some problems of sub-tropical fruit growing.

Turbet, Miss M. E. Horticultural nomenclature in New Zealand: its problems and its progress.

Yrates, J. S. Recent advances in plant propagation.