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Volume 82, 1954-55
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General Symposia (Section M)


Aims and values of soil analysis. See Section B.


Radio-active Dating. See Section A.

  • The following papers were also read:—

  • Baumgart, I. L. The pumice soils.

  • Birrell, K. S. The effect of allophane on certain physical and chemical properties of volcanic soils.

  • Dixon, J. K. and Jackman, R. H. Some chemical aspects of pumice soils.

  • Fieldes, M. The nature of clay in New Zealand soil types.

  • Gradwell, M. W. Soil frost phenomena at a high country station.

  • Jackman, R. H. Biological fixation of phosphorus in soils under pasture.

  • Metson, A. J., Arbuckle, R. H. and Saunders, M. L. The potassium status of some New Zealand and Pacific Island soils as indicated by a modified normal nitric acid extraction procedure.

  • Orchiston, H. D. The application of adsorption isotherms to the identification of clay minerals.

  • Packard, R. Q. Moisture relations of Taupo ash soils.

  • Raeside, J. D. The yellow grey earths of the South Island.

  • Thornton, R. H. and Rose, R. E. Contributions to the biology of pumice soils.

  • Wells, N. Plant composition in relation to soil type.