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Volume 83, 1955-56
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Research Notes
Name Changes in the Orchid Genus Corybas Salisbury

[Read before the Auckland Institute, June 15, 1955; received by Editor, June 28, 1955.]

When I described Corybas saprophyticus from Wellsford in 1950, I was unaware that Schlechter had already used that name for a quite different Corybas species from New Guinea. My name must be rejected as a later homonym under Article 74 of the International Code, and I propose using in place of it—

Corybas cryptanthus Hatch. New name.

Syn. Corybas saprophytics Hatch in Trans. Roy. Soc. N.Z. 79: p. 366. 1952 not of Schlechter in Fedde. Repert Beitr. 1: p. 21. 1911 (Corysanthes saprophytica) and ibid. 19: p. 22. 1924 (Corybas saprophyticus).

Edwin D. Hatch

Auckland, S.W.4