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Volume 85, 1957-58


Botany Pages
Thelephoraceae of New Zealand. XIV—The Genus Hymenochaete
By G. H. Cunningham 151
The Indigenous Flora of the Taupiri Range
By M. C. Gudex 5359
A Descriptive Review of the Phaeophyceae of New Zealand
By Victor W. Lindauer 6174
Experimental Taxonomic Studies on Species of Cardamine Linn. in New Zealand
By G. G. Pritchard 7589
Thelephoraceae of New Zealand. XV—The Genus Duportella
By G. H. Cunningham 9199
Direct Effect of the 1855 Earthquake on the Vegetation of the Orongorongo Valley, Wellington
By R. G. Robbins 205212
Chromosome Numbers in New Zealand Ferns
By G. Brownlie 213216
Evidence of Hybridization Between Pinus attenuata and P. radiata in New Zealand
By M. H. Bannister 217225
Variation in Samples of Two-year-old Pinus attenuata, P radiata and their Hybrids
By M. H. Bannister 227236
The Genus Trichocolea in New Zealand
By Raymond E. Hatcher 237246
Studies in New Zealand Cotulas, Parts I and II
By Elizabeth Edgar 357377
A Cytogenetical Study of New Zealand Forms of Solanum nigrum L, S. nodiflorum Jacq and S. gracile Otto
By G. T. S. Baylis 379385
Studies in New Zealand Carices IV and V
By B. G. Hamlin 387396
Additional Hosts of Sarcochilus adversus
By M. C. Gudex 471
Studies on Australian and New Zealand Diatoms. I—Planktonic and Allied Species.
By L. H. Crosby and E. J. Ferguson Wood 483530
Contributions to a Knowledge of the Adventive Flora of New Zealand, No. 7
By A. J. Healy 531549
Studies of New Zealand Nothofagus Species. III—The Entire-Leaved Species
By A. L. Poole 551564
New Zealand Hepaticae (Liverworts). X—Marsupial Genera of New Zealand. With Amendments and Additions to Paper V (Jungermanniaceae) (1946)
By E. A. Hodgson 565584
Hydnaceae of New Zealand. Part I—The Pileate Genera Beenakia, Dentinum, Hericium, Hydnum, Phellodon and Steccherinum
By G. H. Cunningham 585601
The Cladoniae of New Zealand
By William Martin 603632
Ecology of Southern New Zealand Exposed Rocky Shore at Little Papanui, Otago Peninsula
By E. J. Batham 647658
Rock Fans in South-East Wellington
By J. B. Waterhouse 101111
Structural Observations in Central Alpine Region of New Zealand
By A. R. Lillie, B. M. Gunn, P. Robinson 113129
Spherulitic Jaspilite from Whangarei Heads
By A. M. Hopgood 131134
The Intrusive Rocks of the Kaikoura Mountains, Marlborough, New Zealand
By Brian Mason 247262
The Geology of the Clarence Valley from Gore Stream to Bluff Hill
By R. P. Suggate 397408
Dissection and Redissection of the Wellington Landscape
By C. A. Cotton 409425
The Wellington Fault
By G. R. Stevens 633646
Properties Concerning the Hessian Complex in Relation to Quadrics, Conics, and a Twisted Cubic
By W. Saddler and W. R. Andress 473481
Lower Devonian Pelecypoda from Reefton, New Zealand
By C. A. Fleming 135140
Urechis novae-zealandiae (Dendy): A New Zealand Echiuroid
By G. A. Knox 141148
Terrestrial and Littoral Amphipods of the Genus Orchestia, Family Talitridae
By D. E. Hurley 149199
Further Notes on the Affinities of Arhynchobatis asperrimus Waite with Other Rajoids, and Data on a Fourth Specimen
By J. A. F. Garrick 201203
Revision of the Rhaphidophoridae (Orthoptera) of New Zealand. Part I.—The Rhaphidophoridae of the Chatham Islands 1954 Expedition
By Aola M. Richards 263274
The Breeding Habits of the Corduliidae (Odonata) in the Taupo District of New Zealand
By John S. Armstrong 275282
A New Genus and Species of Myxinidae (Cyclostomata)
By L. R. Richardson 283287
Aquatic Oligochaetes Occurring in Forest Litter, II
By J. D. Stout 289299
New Zealand Thecate Hydroids. Part II.—Families Lafoeidae, Lineolariidae, Haleciidae and Syntheciidae
By Patricia M. Ralph 301356
The Nature and Origin of the New Zealand Freshwater Mussel Fauna
By Donald F. McMichael 427432
Some Rotifers from Malaya
By C. R. Russell 433437
Ascidians of New Zealand. Part XI—Ascidians of the Stewart Island Region
By Beryl I. Brewin 439453
Ascidians of New Zealand. Part XII—Ascidians of the Hauraki Gulf, Part III
By Beryl I. Brewin 455458
A New Species of Gall-mite (Acarina: Eriophyidae) and an Account of Its Life Cycle
By G. W. Ramsay 459464
Revision of the Rhaphidophoridae (Orthoptera) of New Zealand. Part II—The Genus Macropathus Walker in the British Museum (Nat. Hist.) Collection
By Aola M. Richards 465470
The New Zealand Species of Melagraphia Gray and Zediloma Finlay (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
By W. C. Clark 659679
A New Cotylocercous Cercaria from Melagraphia aethiops (Gm.) (Gastropoda)
By W. C. Clark 681683
Description of the Male of Garmania nesbitti Wom. (Acarina, Phytoseiidae) and the First Record of this Species in New Zealand
By H. Womersley 685686
A New Species of Peloridiidae (Homoptera: Coleorrhyncha), With a Key to the New Zealand Species
By T. E. Woodward 687693
Revision of the Rhaphidophoridae (Orthoptera) of New Zealand. Part III—The Genera Pachyrhamma Brunner and Pallidoplectron n.g.
By Aola M. Richards 695706
Collembola from New Zealand Caves
By J. T. Salmon 707711
Notes on the Occurrence of Hemianax papuensis (Burm.) in New Zealand
By John S. Armstrong 713714
Note on the Development of Cryptoconchus porosus (Burrow)
By Beryl I. Brewin 715716
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