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Volume 85, 1957-58


Volume 85, Part 1

Thelephoraceae of New Zealand. XIV—The Genus Hymenochaete By G. H. Cunningham 151
The Indigenous Flora of the Taupiri Range By M. C. Gudex 5359
A Descriptive Review of the Phaeophyceae of New Zealand By Victor W. Lindauer 6174
Experimental Taxonomic Studies on Species of Cardamine Linn. in New Zealand By G. G. Pritchard 7589
Thelephoraceae of New Zealand XV—The Genus Duportella By G. H. Cunningham 9199
Rock Fans in South-East Wellington By J. B. Waterhouse By J. B. Waterhouse 101111
Structural Observations in Central Alpine Region of New Zealand By A. R. Lillie, B. M. Cunn, P. Robinson 113129
Spherulitic Jaspilite from Whangarei Heads By A. M. Hopgood 131134
Lower Devonian Pelecypoda from Reefton, New Zealand By C. A. Fleming 135140
Urechis novae-zealandiae (Dendy) A New Zealand Echiuroid By G. A. Knox 141148
Terrestrial and Littoral Amphipods of the Genus Orchestia, Family Talitridae By D. E. Hurley 149199
Further Notes on the Affinities of Arhynchobatis asperrimus Waite with Other Rajoids, and Data on a Fourth Specimen By J. A. F. Garrick 201203