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Volume 85, 1957-58


Volume 85, Part 2

Direct Effect of the 1855 Earthquake on the Vegetation of the Orongorongo Valley, Wellington By R. G. Robbins 205212
Chromosome Numbers in New Zealand Ferns By G. Brownlie 213216
Evidence of Hybridization Between Pinus attenuata and P. radiata in New Zealand By M. H. Bannister 217225
Variation in Samples of Two-year-old Pinus attenuata, P radiata and their Hybrids By M. H. Bannister 227236
The Genus Trichocolea in New Zealand By Raymond E. Hatcher 237246
Revision of the Rhaphidophoridae (Orthoptera) of New Zealand. Part I.—The Rhaphidophoridae of the Chatham Islands 1954 Expedition By Aola M. Richards 263274
The Breeding Habits of the Cordulidae (Odonata) in the Taupo District of New Zealand By John S. Armstrong 275282
A New Genus and Species of Myxinidae (Cyclostomata) By L. R. Richardson 283287
Aquatic Oligochaetes Occurring in Forest Litter, II By J. D. Stout 289299
New Zealand Thecate Hydroids. Part II.—Families Lafoeidae, Lineolariidae, Halecudae and Syntheciidae By Patricia M. Ralph 301356
The Intrusive Rocks of the Kaikoura Mountains, Marlborough, New Zealand By Brian Mason 247262