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Volume 85, 1957-58
– xliii –

Hawke's Bay Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Annual Report for the Year 1956

The Council of the Hawke's Bay Branch of the Royal Society presents its 83rd Annual Report for the year ended December 31, 1956.

Meetings. The Annual General Meeting last year was addressed by Dr. Clark, who spoke on the archaeopteryx. A public meeting was held in July, at which Mr. Fielding spoke on the science of food preservation. Three members' meetings were held. Mr. Grant lectured on the recent changes of climate and forest composition in New Zealand, Mr. Brathwaite on the migration of New Zealand birds, and Dr. Crawford on automation.

Sections. Historical Section in Hastings: Eight meetings were held during the year. Three members of the Section have been appointed to the H. B. Regional Committee for the Preservation of Historical Sites. A collection of old photographs of the early days of Hastings was made by Mr. Rainbow, and these were displayed at the city celebrations in September. The photographs are now bound and have been lodged at the Hastings Library.

Ornithological Section carried on its field days and meetings. Mr. R. Williams, a member of the Branch, has successfully organised a group of junior field wardens in the district with the object of preserving local wild life.

Historical Section in Napier has held monthly meetings and has issued a pamphlet on the Taupo Road.

Meteorological Section held monthly meetings at which various subjects were discussed.

Library. It is felt that with the relatively small amount of money we can afford to spend on new books, we cannot hope to maintain a library comparable with a well selected municipal library with its much larger annual income. We have therefore bought no new books, but have set up a panel of four specialist members who are at the service of the two municipal libraries in an advisory capacity on the buying of new scientific books.

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The copies of Transactions that are held in the Napier Public Library are in the process, of rebinding.

Membership. During 1956 Mr. Sainsbury, for many years a member of the Branch, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Membership of the Branch now stands at 86; not all members of the Sections are, of course, full members of the Branch.

Forest and Bird Society. The Branch was pleased to note the establishment of a branch of this Society in Napier.

Junior Naturalist Society. The Branch is also pleased that a Junior Naturalist Society has been formed under the direction of Mr. R. Williams.

Conclusion. Your Council feels that the work of Sections during the year was well work-while and, as it is in the Sections that the enthusiasm of members is applied, the Branch has had a successful year.

Charles Crawford

, Chairman