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Volume 85, 1957-58
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Nelson Philosophical Society

Annual Report for Year ended September 30, 1956.

The Annual Meeting was held at the Cawthron Institute on Friday, November 4, 1955, at 4 p.m.

The following officers were elected for the 1956 session:–President, Dr. W. Cottier; Vice-President, Mr. B. B. Given; Hon. Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. R. J. Monk; Committee—Miss J. Watson, Dr. G. S. Cone, Messrs. A. W. Bowman, G. M. Smart, E. Gourlay, R. S. S. Meredith. Representative on Council, Dr. H. O. Askew; Hon. Auditor, Mr. T. Christie.

Meetings. During the session seven meetings were held and the following addresses given:—“The Auckland Islands and the November, 1954, Scientific Expedition”, by Mr. E. Gourlay: “How Scientific Discoveries are Made”, by Sir Charles Darwin; “Skin-diving”, by Mr. D. Field; and “Coins”, by Mr. E. Gourlay, “How a Pest's Choice of Food Can Be Adapted to Its Control”, by Dr. W. Laidlaw; “The Development of Resistance to Insecticides of Insect Carriers of Human Diseases”, by Dr. W. Cottier; “The Planet Mars”, by Mr. E. Morley. One meeting was devoted to a showing of colour-slides by Mr. B. B. Given.

Membership. During the Session the deaths occurred of one member and one associate. One member and one associate resigned on account of ill-health, and two members resigned on leaving the district. The membership has therefore decreased to 40, consisting of 28 members and 12 associates.

Finances. The balance sheet shows a credit balance of £29 4s 3d in the P.O S.B. This is £2 16s ld more than was in credit the previous year, so the Society has profited by its year's activity.

Attendances. The attendance at the monthly meetings varied from 42 on the occasion of Sir Charles Darwin's lecture to 11 at the Annual Meeting.

Affiliation with the Royal Society. Your Committee has for several years worked to regulate the relationship between the Royal Society of N.Z., the Nelson Institute, and the Philosophical Society, and is now able to report that with the resignation of the Nelson Institute from membership of the Royal Society, the Philosophical Society has applied for affiliation to the Royal Society This is expected to be finalised at the November Council meeting.