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Volume 85, 1957-58
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Wellington Branch Of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Annual Reportfor Year Ended September 30, 1956

Council. The Council has held six meetings during the year under review, and the previous Council held one meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting.

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Attendances at the six meetings have been as follows: President, Dr. E. Marsden (6), Vice-Presidents, Dr. J. F. Gabites (5), Dr. J. T. Salmon (2); Council—Mr. K. R. Allen (5), Mr. N. F. Barber (3), * Dr. M. A. F. Barnett (1), Mr. J. M. Brodie (6), Mr. P. C. Bull (6), Professor R. H. Clark (5), Mr. R. K. Dell (2), Dr. J. K. Dixon (3), Mr. N. de B. Hornibrook (5), Mr. H. C. McQueen (6), Miss L. B. Moore (5), Mr. A. L. Poole (3), Professor L. R. Richardson (3), Dr. F. B. Shorland (3), Mr. G. Maskill Smith (3), Mr. V. J. Wilson (5), Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. R. W. Willett (6); Assistant Secretary, Mr. G. C. Shaw (2).

On his election as Vice-President of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Professor L. R. Richardson resigned as Branch Representative, and his place was filled by Dr. M. A. F. Barnett.

Membership. The total membership of the Branch is (1955 totals shown in parentheses): 438 (383), made up as follows: Ordinary members, 318 (281); life members, 24 (23); life members of other branches now attached at Wellington, 11 (11); associates, 85 (68). Of this total, 242 (224) receive the Transactions.

Fifty-one (27) new ordinary members and associates were elected and 7 (3) transferred to the Branch; 4 members (19) resigned or died; 4 (4) transferred to other Branches; and 2 (2) were written off.

General Meetings. The following meetings were held: October 26, Annual General Meeting, 1955. November 18, “The Work of the Marine Physical Laboratory of Scripps Institution of Oceanography of California”, by Sir Charles Wright. March 8, “Prospects of Nuclear Energy”, by Professor C. N. Watson-Munro. April 26, “An Attempt to Forecast the Next Fifty Years”, by Sir Charles Darwin. May 15, Presidential Address to the Royal Society of New Zealand, by Dr. David Millar. June 27,” Power Probabilities”, by Mr. A. E. Davenport. July 25, “Deep Sea Research in Cook Strait”, by Professor L. R. Richardson. August 22, Hudson Memorial Lecture—“Moa Hunters, Maoris, and Morions”, by Dr. Roger S. Duff. September 26, Symposium on “Fuel and Power”, conducted by the Technology Section, speakers being G. Maskill Smith, C. H. Benney, A. E. Davenport, P. A. Toynbee, and Professor j. O. Shearer.

In addition, the Branch joined with the Wellington Branch, New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, on April 5, to hear Dr. Lea, R. F. Legget, and D. E. Parsons, Directors of Building Research in Great Britain, Canada and the United States respectively, speak on building research overseas.

On April 16, the Branch joined with the New Zealand Institute of Agricultural Science to hear an address, “The Chemo-Therapy of Plant Diseases”, by Dr. J. G. Horsfall, Director of the Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station, Newhaven, Connecticut, U.S.A.

A joint meeting was held on May 2 with the Wellington Branch, New Zealand Geographical Society, and the New Zealand Antarctic Society. The speaker was Dr. T. Hatherton, New Zealand Observer on Operation Deepfreeze.

Section Meetings

Atronomy and Geophysics October, 1955: “New Zealand's Contribution to the Inteinational Geophysical Year”, by Dr. E. I. Robertson. April, 1956: Joint meeting with the Geology Section. May, 1956. “The Scientific Importance of Solar Eclipses”, by I. L. Thomsen. June, 1956. “Research in Engineering Seismology at Dommion Physical Laboratory, D.S.I.R.”, by Dr. G. N. Bycroft. July, 1956. “Whistlers—A Radio Method of Exploring the Outer Atmosphere”, by G. McK. Allcock. August, 1956: Joint Meeting with the Geology Section. September, 1956: “The Value of Hydrological Observations in Oceanography”, by Dr. R. W. Burling.

Biology Section. October, 1955: “Behaviour of Canada Goose in North America”, by Dr. R. W. Balham. November, 1955: Joint meeting with the Botanical Society; Symposium on Chatham Islands. April, 1956: “Some Facts and Theories on the Ecology of Wild Rabbits in New Zealand”, by P. C. Bull. May, 1956: “Antibiotics and Bacterial Sensitivity”, by Dr. P. P. Lynch. June, 1956: Symposium on “Plant and Animal Fossils as Climatic Indicators” July, 1956: “East and West of the Andes—Some Impressions of Peru”, by F. C. Kinsky. August, 1956: “Southern Mutton Bird Island”, by R. K. Dell September, 1956: “Modern Trends in Wildlife Management”, by Dr. K. Westerskov.

Geology Section. October, 1955: “Rates of Deformation in the Mesozoic and Cainozoic of New Zealand,” by H. W. Wellman. April, 1956: Symposium on “Earthquake Risk in the Wellington Region”. May, 1956: No meeting. June, 1956: “Penglaciation in England”, by Dr. M. Te Punga. July, 1956: “The Application of Geology to Recent Advances in Clay Mineralogy in New Zealand”, by I. McDowall. August, 1956: Joint meeting with Astronomy and Geophysics Sections—“The Nature of New Zealand to a Depth of One Hundred Kilometers”, by A. C. Beck, Dr. H. J. Harrington, Dr. E. I. Robertson and G. A. Eiby. September, 1956: “Tectonic Features in a Coastal Setting at Wellington”, by Professor C. A. Cotton.

[Footnote] * From Julv.

[Footnote] † Until June.

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Physics Section. October, 1955: “High-frequency Radio Observations of Waves on the Sea”, by D. D. Crombie. April, 1956: “Atmospheric Radioactivity”, by R. W. Humphrey. May, 1956: “The Transfer of Water Vapour in the Atmosphere”, by J. W. Hutchings. June, 1956: “A Visit to U.S.A.”, by C. J. Banwell. July, 1956: Joint meeting with the Technology Section. August, 1956: “A Method of Obtaining Ultra-High Temperatures”, by F. Knox. September, 1956: “Laboratory Devices for Frequency Analysis”, by F. N. Barber.

Social Science Section. October, 1955: “Fundamental Problems of the Social Scientist— Operational Research,” by Dr. F. G. Jacoby. April, 1956: “Current Research on Psychology in New Zealand”, by Dr. C. J. Adcock. May, 1956: “A Theoretical Framework for a Study of Entrants to the Teaching Profession in New Zealand”, by Dr. H. B. Low. July, 1956: “Dcvelopments in Social Statistics”, by J. V. T. Baker. August, 1956: “Trends in Research in Public Administration”, by R. J. Polaschek. September, 1956: “Authority and Leadership in a Maori Community”, by J. M. Booth.

Technology Section. October, 1955: “An Overseas Fuel Engineer Takes a Look at New Zealand's Existing and Future Fuel Supplies”, by B. G. Voisey. April, 1956: “Total Gasification—Its Possible Contribution to New Zealand's Power Supply”, by P. A. Toynbee. May, 1956: “The Utilization of New Zealand Ironsands”, by W. R. B. Martin. June, 1956: “Coal in Relation to the Power Resources of New Zealand”, by C. H. Benney. July, 1956: “Nucleai Physics Today”, by Professor D. Walker. August, 1956: “Modern Trends in Refining Petroleum”, by G. Rushworth. September, 1956: General Meeting conducted by Technology Section—A Symposium on “Fuel and Powel”.

Publications. The following is a list of papers published by members of the Wellington Branch in the Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand during the year under review:

Vol. 83, Part 2: Croker, B. H, “Comments on the Shingle Vegetation of the Horikiwi Stieam” Dellow, Vivienne, and Cassie, R. Morrison. “Littoral Zonation in Two Caves in the Auckland District”. Richards, Aola M. “The Anatomy and Morphology of the Cave-Orthopteran Macropathus filifer Walker, 1869. Waterhouse, J. B.: “An Isoclinal Fold on Hackel Peak, Southern Alps, New Zealand”.

Vol. 83, Part 3: Cotton, C. A.: “Coastal History of Southern Westland and Northern Fioidland”. Garrick, J. A. F.: “Studies on New Zealand Elasmobranchii: Part V—Scymnodalatias ng. Based on Scymnodon sherwoodi Archey, 1921 (Selachii)”. Marwick, J.: “Three Fossil Mollusca from the Hokonui System (Triassic and Jurassic)”.

Vol. 83, Part 4: Bell, Shona; Harrington, H. J.; and McKellar, I. C.: “Lower Mesozoic Plant Fossils from Black Jacks, Waitaki River, South Canterbury”. Campbell, J. D, and McKellar, I. C.: “The Otapirian Stage of the Triassic System of New Zealand Part I”. Cassie, R. Morrison: “Early Development of the Snapper, Chrysophrys auratus Forster.” Cotton, C. A.: “Hawke Bay Coastal Types”. Hurley, D. E.: “The New Zealand Species of Iais (Crustacean Isopoda).”

Papers Submitted for Printing in the Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand. Only papers submitted by non-members for publication in the Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand need be read before a branch meeting.

Papers read by title at General Meeting: 25/7/56, Hamlin, B. G.: “Studies in New Zealand Carices”. 22/8/56, Wright, C. W.: “Some Cretaceous Ammonites from New Zealand.”

Distinctions. Council is pleased to record the award of the Hutton Medal to Dr. C. A. Fleming and the election to Fellowship of Mr. N. H. Taylor.

Hudson Lecture. The Hudson Lecture for 1956 was given by Dr. R. S. Duff, Director Canterbury Museum, who spoke on “Moa-hunters, Maoris and Morioris—the Evolution of a Polynesian Culture in New Zealand.” The lecture is being printed in the N.Z. Science Review, and reprints will be distributed to members.

Library. Subscriptions to periodicals have been maintained as in previous years. A number of volumes have been bound. No change in library expenditure was made, the level of previous years being maintained. No decision has yet been arrived at by the Council of the Royal Society on the present rules referring to Branch library expenditure, but a fact-finding survey is at present being conducted by the Council of the Royal Society.