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Volume 88, 1960-61
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– 706 –

Genus Pleurosigma W. Sm., 1852

80. Pleurosigma parkeri Harrison (Slide 166), (Plate 2, Fig. 30)

Harrison, 1860, 104.

Valves lanceolate, broad, sigmoid, extremities produced into obtuse beaks, raphe central, sigmoid; transverse and longitudinal striae.

Distribution. St. Leonards.

81. Pleurosigma rigidum W. Sm. (Slide 30), (Plate 58, Fig. 31)

  • W. Sm., 1853, 1, 64, 20, 198.

  • Boyer, 1927, 474.

Valves linear-lanceolate, slightly sigmoid with rounded extremities; raphe central; striae transverse and oblique.

Distribution. Portobello.

82. Pleurosigma hippocampus (Ehr.) W. Sm. (Slide 5), (Plate 58, Fig. 32)

  • W. Sm., 1853, 1, 68.

  • Cl. & Grun., 1880, (2), 17, 54.

  • Navicula hippocampus Ehr., 1838, 180.

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Fig. 1.—Melossia roesena. Fig. 2.—Hyalodiscus (Podosira) maximus. Fig. 3.—Actinoptychus vulgaris. Fig. 4.—Actinoptychus sp. Fig. 5.—Actinocyclus barklyi. Fig. 6.—Actinocyctus monniliformis Fig. 7.—Aulacodiscus var. johnsonii. Fig. 8.—Aulacodiscus broadly. Fig. 9.—Biddulphia reticulata var. rawsonii. Fig. 10.— [ unclear: ] Triceratum sp. Fig. 11.—Plagiogramma robertstanum. Fig. 12.—Entopyla ocellata var. pulchella. Fig. 13.— Dimerogramma minus. Fig. 14.—Rhaphoneis belgica. Fig. 15.—Synedra vaucheriae. Fig. 16, a, b —Rhabdonema minutum. Fig. 17 a, b, c —Cocconeis saintpaulu. Fig. 18.—Cocconeis scutellum var. Fig. 19.— Navicula latissima. Fig. 20.—Navicula circumsecta. Fig. 21.—Navicula hennedyi var. manca. Fig. 22.—Navicula Fig. 26.—Navicula pusilla var. subcapitata.

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Fig. 23.—Navicula scopulorum. Fig. 24.—Navicula elegans. Fig. 25.—Navicula pinnata. Fig. 28.—Navicula humerosa. Fig. 29.—Navicula sulcifera. Fig. 30.—Pleurosigma parkeri. Fig. 31.—Pleurosigma rigidum. Fig. 32.—Pleurosigma hippocampus. Fig. 33.—Pleurosigma angulatum var. quadratum. Fig. 34.—Caloneis formosa. Fig. 35.—Caloneis silicula var. inflata. Fig. 36.—Pinnularia cardinaliculus. Fig. 37.—Pinnularia trevelyana. Fig. 38.—Pinnularia nodosa. Fig. 39.—Frustulia weinholdtii. Fig. 40.—Frustulia rhomboides var. amphipleuroides. Fig. 41a, b —Amphiprora alata var. pulchra. Fig. 42.—Epithemia gibberula var. producta. Fig. 43a, b —Epithemia zebra var. proboscidea. Fig. 44.—Epithemia muelleri. Fig. 45.—Cymbella yarrensis. Fig. 46.—Gomphoneis herculaneum. Fig. 47.—Nitzschia acuminata. Fig. 48.—Nitzschia circumsuta. Fig. 49.— Fig. Nitzschia granulata. Fig. Nitzschia. Fig. 50.—Nitzschia tryblionella var. yarrensis. Fig. 54.—surirella filholu. Fig. 55.—surirella contorta.

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Fig. 56.—surirella biseriala. Fig. 57. —surirella recedens. Fig. 58. —Campylodiscus incertus. Fig. 59. —Campylodiscus impressus. Fig. 60. —Campylodiscus ralfsii. Fig. 61. —Campylodiscus taentatus. Fig. 62. —surirella conlorta.

– 707 –

Valves lanceolate, slightly sigmoid, with obtuse ends; raphe sigmoid, central; striae transverse and longitudinal.

Distribution. Anderson's Bay.

83. Pleurosigma angulatum var. quadratum (W. Sm.) V. H. (Slides 8, 96), (Plate 58, Fig. 33)

  • V. H. 1881, pl. 18, fig. 1.

  • Boyer, 1927, 472.

  • Pleurosigma quadratum W. Sm., 1852, 1, 65, 20.

Resembles type but wider and with more angular sides. There is still some doubt as to the authenticity of the Australian and New Zealand forms of Pleurosigma angulatum. As pointed out by N. I. Hendey (in litt.), the southern varieties have not the longitudinal and transverse striae on the extremities as has the northern type, though a vestige of this may occur.

Distribution. Anderson's Bay.